Vidmate v2.13

VidMateWant to download videos in your device from different websites? You can get Vidmate for this. This app would facilitate you to download unlimited videos from any site you want. You can download videos from YouTube, Dailymotion etc easily with single click. This app is free app and doesn’t have any premium version or premium features. This app also hosts online content on it which allows you to watch movies and shows online. Apart from that you would be able to stream lot of funny videos on this app. This app is available for windows, android, Mac, and iOS devices.

Features of Vidmate v2.13

Vidmate app has the following features that you would get with it-

  • You would be able to download audios from various websites using this app.
  • This would also allow you to download videos from websites like YouTube and Dailymotion.
  • You can also stream lots of videos on this app as it hosts online content on it.
  • The content is properly categorised into different categories which would help users to find the videos easily.
  • This app is a free app which doesn’t ask users payment for any feature.
  • You can also choose what quality or resolution of videos you want to download in your device.

How to download Vidmate v2.13?

Vidmate is free for use, so get this app now for your device and enjoy downloading and streaming free videos. You can download it from the given button. Click on the download button and install the app in your device.

Download VidMate

Vidmate v2.12

VidMateWant to get videos downloaded in your device to watch them later in your free time? We have a perfect solution for that. We know well how annoying it becomes when we want to download YouTube videos and didn’t get any option to download them in our device. Such situation become worse if we really need that video may be to learn something it for any other thing. Vidmate is an app that makes it possible for all of us to download videos from such websites and watch them later. Whatever you want to download, a song video, movie, tutorial or any other video you would be able to watch them later offline with the help of Vidmate app. This app is also helpful for audios, as you would be able yo download them as well.

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Vidmate v2.11

VidMateWouldn’t it be amazing to have our favorite videos stocked up in our galleries and our favorite music playing on repeat without any disturbance or buffering? That dream has come true with Vidmate, an application that makes downloading songs and videos from internet sources, easy and effective. You can not only download videos from popular online video services such as Dailymotion and YouTube, but also from your most used applications such as Instagram and Tumblr. For all the music lovers, Vidmate caters to easy download of music from SoundCloud and Metacafe, which makes us believe that one can download anything from any site with Vidmate.

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Vidmate v1.66

VidMateLooking for the ways to download YouTube videos on your device? Get Vidmate now. Vidmate is an app that helps you download videos from YouTube and Dailymotion. Not only this, you would be able to download videos from other websites as well. Now no restrictions would stop you from enjoying your favourite videos later offline in your device. This app does not limit itself to Videos only, you can download audios as well using this app. It gives you numerous other features as well. It is downloadable in different platforms which makes it easy to access it.

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Vidmate v1.65

VidMateVidmate is ana online videos downloader that allows you to download HD quality videos in no time. The app is easy for use and you can download and install it easily. It allows you to download Videos from YouTube like websites. Whenever you want to download any video and watch it later you can use Vidmate for it. There will be no limit of watching the videos, after downloading it from the app you can watch it unlimitedly. It also has an option of streaming media. With this option, you need not to worry if you are not getting anything to watch on YouTube or Dailymotion. Vidmate has millions of videos on it which you can enjoy.

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